Wesley S. Randall, PhD. is a retired USAF Lt Col. He is the President of Supply Chain Vistas Inc. In addition Dr. Randall is an associate professor of logistics at the University of North Texas and the logistics doctoral program coordinator. He has degrees from the United States Air Force Academy, Marine Command and Staff College, Valdosta State University and the University of North Texas.

His career in supply chain and logistics - both as an academic and a practitioner - spans 30 years. In 2010 Dr. Randall accepted a position at UNT to support the university's growing emphasis on the area of supply chain logistics research and education. Dr. Randall came to UNT as a highly respected logistics and supply chain researcher and educator at Auburn University. Prior to joining Auburn in 2007, Lt Col Randall served in logistics and supply chain leadership positions across acquisitions and logistics roles as a United States Air Force officer.

Dr. Randall is part of a group of scholars applying emerging economic models that shift from a firm-centric product focus emphasizing return on revenue to a supply chain-centric return on investment strategy that emphasizes the delivery of value propositions. In this model , supply chain networks provide complementary core competencies and asset application that creates sustained competitive advantage through the delivery of evolving value propositions.

Dr. Randall has developed and delivered online education at the trade, undergraduate and graduate level. In concert with Accenture Supply Chain Academy he has developed basic supply chain and logistics content targeted at tradesmen and managers entering the aviation industry. At the undergraduate and graduate level he has developed and delivered logistics and supply chain analytics, supply chain strategy, functional logistics and logistics theory. He has used leading edge online pedagogical techniques that engage students through the use of "youtube"  type videos, Adobe Captivate, studio interviews and expert guest lecture. Dr. Randall has developed a number of tracking and evaluation techniques to ensure online student engagement, progress and deficiency identification. He has also developed content that teaches analytics and critical thinking supported by such tools as SAS, SPSS, Enterprise Miner, Access and Excel.

Dr. Randall is a leading logistics and supply chain scholar with dozens of articles in venues such as the Journal of Business Logistics, Defense Acquisition Review, Journal of Supply Chain Management, European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Managment, Journal of Transportation Management, Transportation Journal, The International Journal of Logistics Management and others.

Dr. Randall's numerous honors include the 1997 Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Innovative use of Technology Award, the 2004 Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe General Thomas P. Gerrity and General Leo Marquez awards, the 2010 DC Velocity Rainmaker award, the 2011 Emerald Literati award and the 2012 College of Business Outstand Research Award.